There are numerous groups of humans or humanoids sharing planet Earth with us and some of them live just below the surface of the planet in appropriate conditions while others live in etheric planes but also close to the human areas that we use.

There exists a race of beings that have been on Earth or close to it for a long time.

They can assume reptilian form if they wish and can remain in 3D form for long periods.

Equally, they can live in the etheric realms.

Now, it is difficult to describe their true nature as they are uncertain themselves of their origins and their place in the chain of life.

Just like humans, some of them are friendly and some not.  Some are consumed with the quest for power while others are just gentle and kind.

The power crazed ones are those that tend to manipulate the psychopathic beings that are often in positions of power and are themselves influenced by the Archons.

Quite how their situation will resolve as we all move into God’s light remains to be seen.

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