Resonance Frequency of any Spot

Q.  How do they know the resonance frequency of any spot in the universe or galaxy? No way there is a book having all frequencies! How do they know it then?

A. I am not sure that I can answer this but I will tell you what I know.

God is pure light – star light.
Light is vibration, so God is vibration.
God created everything and put the totality of himself in everything.
So you are God pretending to be you.  I am God pretending to be me.
Everything is God pretending to be whatever it is that God created.
Space is a creation of God as is our galaxy and all the planets.
I repeat, everything is made of vibration.
However, to give everything a sense of independence, God gave everything a slightly different vibration.
You vibrate slightly differently to me.
So, every spot vibrates slightly differently to the spot next to it.
Now, how aliens calculate those frequencies, I have no idea.
However, everything is stored in the Akashic records so I suppose that, if one could contact the Akashic record, it would be possible to find out the frequency of any spot anywhere.
But I can’t say for sure that this is what is happening.

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