Right Hand Path Versus Left Hand Path

Just as God is a thought more than a real being, so the concept of the devil, Satan, Lucifer, call it what you will, is a concept, a thought.

Now, as good people turn to God in meditation, this Power of God, which is real, streams as light into the consciousness of the person meditating.

Equally, if someone following the left-hand path meditates he sees the same light. Why is this?

God is neutral, neither good nor bad.  God is the source of everything and that everything must encompass positive and negative.

So, the power of God is seen as light, spiritual power, flowing to both parties, those on the right-hand path and those on the left-hand path.

Now, we have our consciousness, our thoughts and desires.

If we wish for good, we create, by the law of mutual attraction, the coming together of good forces, both astral and physical.

This results in an increase in the amount of good things combining. Each and every object or thought contains the light of God so, as material comes together, so the light gets brighter and brighter until, eventually it is able to flood all the spiritual planes, as it is spiritual light.

By the inverse of the law of mutual attraction, that we could call the law of mutual destruction, evil thoughts cause material to separate.

This causes a diminishing of the light from God as astral objects are torn apart by evil concepts resulting in a diminishing of the spiritual light from God.

Thus, we can say that positivity increases light and negativity decreases light.

Thus, it is and will always be that negative, evil thoughts result, ultimately, in a total demise of the power of God.  It is self-defeating by its very nature and action.

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