Rigor Mortis

Rigor mortis, the Latin term which implies “stiffness after death”, occurs in all mammalian creatures (animals and man), shortly after the cord connecting the spirit with the body breaks and the spirit is free to leave the body.

This action, effectively, causes the body to cease to function as a living entity and thus it returns to its natural state of a useless piece of flesh, which it was before the spirit animated it.  This somewhat unpleasant description was deliberately used to wake people up to the simple fact that the physical body, without the spirit to animate it, is not a living entity.

It is the spirit working through the body that gives the body the appearance of life.

So, once the spirit leaves the body, a certain number of processes begin.

First, the various auras also quit the body and follow the spirit on its journey into spirituality.

But there is one part that does remain and that is the etheric double which is, itself, in contact on one side with the physical body and on the other with the etheric realms.

Now, there is one more important step to take before we can really say that a person is truly dead from a physical perspective.

The mind, which is normally working in close association with the brain, tends to be unwilling to leave the body.

The mind is not physical but cherishes its connection to the physical brain.  So, when the brain ceases to function, and when we say that a person or animal is “brain dead”, the mind can no longer keep its contact with the brain.  So it searches about to find some part of the person with whom it can make some form of contact.

All that remains of the person, of interest, is the etheric double.  Thus the mind links with that etheric double.

Then a form of what people call astral projection starts to occur.

When this happens in sentient (living) people, a form of paralysis of the body occurs in which the person is completely frozen, unable to move.

So, in a dead body we call this similar effect Rigor Mortis, (stiffness after death).

This can last for a varying number of hours until the mind, searching for some form of contact with physicality, realises that it is wasting its time and, at that point, it returns from the etheric double and leaves the body, eventually to dissolve into the ether – the astral atoms from which dark energy is made.

The mind is not required in the spiritual realms.  It was only ever necessary to act as a link between the spiritual aspects and the physical brain.

So, Rigor Mortis occurs when the mind performs astral projection – by moving into the etheric double – which leaves the body paralysed.

Once the mind finally leaves the body, all spiritual links with that body cease and the body relaxes and is truly dead.

Now, the mind finds itself in a similar position.

It is no longer required by the spiritual aspect of man, nor can it remain with a dead body but it can remain close to the body, somewhat disorientated for a while before realizing that its usefulness is over and it must leave.

Thus, through respect for this mind, which has served both the person and his brain faithfully throughout his incarnation, it is polite to wait at least three days until Rigor Mortis has terminated and the mind has drifted away from the dead body.

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