Satanist Spirit Guides

There are guides that work for both sides of the spiritual coin.
Those that work to assist Satanists, strangely enough, do not teach harmful things.   The teachings of positive guides is virtually identical to the teachings of those assisting evil people.
The spiritual laws are universal and neutral.   It is the use that man puts them to that makes them positive or negative.
So, whether one believes in God or the devil, the path forward towards that goal, in spiritual terms, still involves prayer and meditation.  These are neutral actions from a teaching aspect as they are just means of opening the door to access to higher elements of Life.
As we said, the use that is put to those teachings depends on the student.
It is the same with developing the gifts of the spirit.  There is only one path and, once again, the use that those gifts are put to is up to the student.  So those guides teaching Satanists and those teaching positive people are much the same people from the Heavenly spheres.
We do not teach evil nor do we judge, so if someone requests our help we give it. What use that help is put to – although it saddens us to see our help put to evil use – is not our concern. We are committed to helping people incarnate, not judging them.

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