Satanists – Aleister Crowley

People have free will and if someone wants to follow the left-hand path, that is their choice.
However, the modus operandi of our planet is love. The opposite of love is hate.

People that follow the right-hand path do all that they can to care for people, animals and plants.
People that follow the left-hand path do the opposite.

There are angels and demons.
Those who follow the right-hand path attract angels and guides who help them.
Those who follow the left-hand path attract negative forces.
These negative forces exist to destroy.

So, anyone who attracts a negative force will ultimately find his life destroyed. Not killed, but destroyed financially, his family life destroyed and his health destroyed. The final step is to destroy his mind.
So, I feel sorry for Satanists because they are following the ‘Highway to Hell’ – if I may use that song title.

Anyone who doubts this should study the life of Aleister Crowley, who started life in great privilege, fabulously wealthy and ended up broke, ill and in a boarding house, a ruined man.

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