Scalar Waves

There is a group of government backed scientists that are experimenting on sending out electronic waves, sometimes from cell phone towers and sometimes from satellites and so on.

The idea is to find means of controlling the masses.  To make them calm or to make them angry etc. People that live near cell phone towers are more susceptible to be affected by these waves than those that live a long way from them.

I am not sure that anyone can protect themselves from these waves.  If you can make phone calls from within your house, it means that these waves can also penetrate your home.

But, we need to be careful.

At this time, with all the worry about this illness circulating and the worries about the future and so on, depression is rife.

So, we don’t want to blame our depression just on these scalar waves.  There are lots of other reasons why people feel ill at the moment, nothing to do with scalar waves.

I will also say that people that are psychic – or think that they are – are more susceptible to wild imagination than feet on the ground people.

This needs to be strictly controlled or we go off into Wa-wa land.

My advice to you – the only advice that I can give you – is to ignore these waves. Stop thinking about them.  Stop worrying if you are being affected mentally and/or physically by them.  If you ignore them, they can have no effect on you.

I am subject to these waves just as much as you are but I refuse to allow them to control my feelings or actions.

Please do the same and you will live normally.

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