Schrodinger’s Cat

The famous Schrodinger experiment presupposes that there must be a clearly defined answer to any question.
Quantum Physics has taken man a long way to realising that “reality” as was, and still is, normally assumed is not necessarily so.
A state or an object can be assumed to be whatever one defines it to be. Thus, it is that we have vast numbers of people who declare that some concept is absolutely true whilst, at the same time, there are other people who declare that the opposite is true.

So where does this get us with the so-called cat experiment?

The simple truth is that individual and collective wisdom comes into play here.
If the first person opens the box and declares the cat alive, this individual and collective “wisdom” – consciousness – immediately comes into play and the cat appears alive. Equally the opposite would obtain.

The truth is that we create our realities and, bizarre as this might seem, it is we who decide if the cat is alive or not for the cat is an illusion created by our desire to see a cat in a box.

Nothing is real. It is all illusion and so can appear in any state we decide.

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