Semen Retention

Can you ask the GWB about the benefits of semen retention? I mean what happen to us if we keep our semen inside our body and do not waste it? If we keep that semen in our body for 1 week for example does it transform to physical or mental power?

No. It is just a fluid. The problem is the emotional pressure that fluid creates in our auras. Young people are designed to release that fluid to propagate the next generation so semen has a very powerful influence on us.
Obviously, one should not overdo it, but too long a retention can cause a person to turn to porno, rape and, in certain cases, child abuse.
But it has no effect on our physical or mental powers.
It is just nonsense put out by people who know nothing.

This is a personal question and each person has to decide for himself.
Obviously, semen is important because it contains the DNA for half of the next generation and is meant to be shared with a loved one, if you understand.
However, if a person decides to relieve himself through masturbation, that semen is wasted. But it is also important to keep a balanced life and, when one is young, the body not only produces semen but also produces the desire to release that semen.
If one cannot do this with a partner, it is important to release that semen from time to time.
We all know examples of certain priests from a celibate order that turn to child abuse in order to satisfy the desire for that semen to be released.
So, only you can decide just what action you take to keep your emotions in order.

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