Sending Love

You can practice this but it will take time.
What I did when I was learning to send love was this.
In a room, I would put a chair that I could sit on.  Then, quite close, I put another chair facing my chair.
I would sit on one chair and, on the other, I would put something.
This something can be a picture but it must be a picture of someone you care about, or a picture of Jesus.  So long as it is of someone that you like or love.
If you don’t have a picture, you can put a doll or a Teddy bear.  Once again, so long as it is something nice.  You don’t have to use a chair.  It is just that a chair is easy to prop a picture or a doll on.

Then you sit on your chair and, for about half an hour, you practice sending rose colored light of love to that picture or doll.
Now, you don’t have to force anything.  Just let your feeling of love flow to that object.  After a few minutes stop and have  rest.  Then start again, sending thoughts of love at that picture or doll.  Do this for about half an hour and then just send thanks to God and stop.

Tomorrow, come back and do it all again.
Do this every day, when you can, until it becomes automatic.

You can take this on, if you wish.  You can stand at a window in your apartment or house and look out the window at passing people.
Send them love also.
Just imagine, as they pass, those people surrounded by a rosy glow of love.

The idea is to do this over and over again until it becomes automatic.

Try this because it works.  It was the technique that I was taught and it really works providing you spend the time to learn to do it.  It takes weeks and weeks to learn until it becomes automatic but you can learn it if you wish.

Any questions, please ask.

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