Seth And The Great White Brotherhood

Q: Hi Bob
Are you aware of other people contacted by GWB? Do they have websites or YouTube postings? Bob what you say is very, very interesting BUT most of it cannot be verified. Archons have all the eternity so they can wait 20 or 30 years to gain your trust. Once they reach that stage, they will start mix truth and lies, that their typical way. Don’t get me wrong Bob, I’m sure you are honest Person.

Is Seth part of GWB? This spirit used to contact Jane Roberts


A: I understand that Seth was created from the imagination of Ms. Roberts.  This does not imply that Seth was entirely fictional.  Thoughts are things and, if one creates a powerful thought, it can take a form of life but Seth was never a physical being like you and I.
I have asked the GWB about other people like me and they replied that they have a few spread around the world that speak other languages and so are given similar information to me to disseminate in other languages.
I also understand that there are a few people around the world who concentrate on the more spiritual aspect of life.
I am more interested in down to Earth information and so the guides who contact me are more like me and give me the information I give you.
But there are other members of the GWB who are interested in the spiritual aspects of life as opposed to physical and they work with people who explain the more spiritual aspects of life.
It would appear that for the moment, I am just about the only person who actively works with the GWB in the English language but I am actively involved in helping train and develop some younger people who will be able to take over in the English language when I get too old to do this.
Because of the requirements of the GWB, there are very few who have the necessary “qualifications” to be developed.  Most people are so involved with life that they cannot be bothered to develop over many years the skill required to do what I do.  I don’t mean this in a nasty sense but it is a lonely path I tread.
However, I do it gladly and the GWB have put a few people in touch with me that I can help train until these people learn telepathy and can be directly guided by them.
As regards the Archons, you may think what you wish but I assure you that the GWB are at the opposite spiritual end of the spectrum compared with the Archons.

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