Signs of the Zodiac

As we come down through the different dimensions towards incarnation, we stop for a while in each dimension and learn.
When we leave heaven we are totally, or largely, ignorant of what it means to be a human.
So, on each dimension we learn a facet of what being a human means.

Eventually we arrive at a series of (12) planets in a high part of the etheric realm.
Each of these planets contains experiences and information about one aspect of personality.
As we can’t absorb all twelve aspects of possible personalities, we choose one and we land on that planet – which are, of course, invisible to the naked eye.

We stay there for a while until we learn what it means to be that one aspect of possible personalities.

Eventually, after that, we come down close to Earth and await the birth of the baby that we have chosen to incarnate into.

So, when the baby is born, if all goes well, we attach ourselves to that baby and the baby grows with us guiding it and we have within us that particular aspect of personality.

It is a bit more complicated than that but that will give you an idea why we have certain personalities.

Now, long years ago, man had an idea that this was the case but as he couldn’t see into the etheric realms, he looked into the night sky and selected twelve-star systems and gave them names to represent the different personalities: Pisces, Aquarius, Taurus and so on.

These star systems have nothing to do with people’s personalities but man had to find some means of justifying why we have different personalities.

Now, of course, the whole system has grown and people have invented houses and all sorts of complications to try to understand why people act as they do.
In fact, the way people act is due to the influence of the invisible planet that controls their personalities.

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