Silver Cord

The silver cord is made of etheric material and is attached between the etheric double and the physical body. It’s entry point into the body is at the base of the spine.

Thus, if someone enters their etheric double, as in the case of Astral Projection, there is always a connection.

However, at the moment of death, the etheric double does not follow the spirit and it is actually the link between the etheric double and the spirit that is severed. The silver cord stays with the etheric double and the spirit departs.

So, this cord does not break. It just dissolves as the etheric double no longer requires to be connected to the body. The etheric double also dissolves.

So, the silver cord is not actually connected to the spirit. It is connected to the etheric double and the etheric double is connected to the spirit via the auras.

The spirit and the auras move off at the moment of death and the etheric double plus the cord dissolve leaving the body dead.

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