Is it a sin to ask/pray to God for money?

Is it a sin to ask/pray to God for money?

Q. Hello Sir. I would like to ask you about a more delicate question. Please don’t get me wrong i am not playing a prank or willing to waste your time, i am serious with this question: playing the lottery, are people actually getting rich with it or is it all made up?
Is it a sin to ask/pray to God for money? I am asking because i know someone obsessed with this, and i am worried.

A. Although I am sure that people do win the lotto, the chances are so remote that it can only be pure luck.

It is not a sin to ask for money but life doesn’t really work like that.  I will try to explain.
When we ask God for anything, the message actually goes out to one of two groups of angels.
There are positive angels, called the angels of construction and negative angels called the angels of destruction.

Now, black magicians, the illuminati and so on want stuff for themselves.  They don’t care about other people so long as they get what they want.  So they pray, do ceremonies and all sorts of things to attract the attention of the negative angels in the hopes that these angels will procure for them whatever they desire.
This might be money, power, sexual favors and so on.
Obviously this is evil and those people will pay dearly for the crimes that they do.

But the trick to attract the attention of good angels is not to ask for anything personally.  We need to spend our time helping others in whatever way we can, when help is needed.  This help may be given to people or to animals.
If you think about it, to ask God for something is exactly what evil people do.  So we must do the opposite and ask for help for others.

Then, if we really, gladly, help others, the positive angels look after us.
We look after others and we are looked after.
We may never become rich but the positive angels will see that we always have what we need.

So can you see the difference?
If you ask for stuff for yourself, you invoke the angels of destruction.
If you ask for help for others – and actively help others – you invoke the angels of construction.

The negative angels will let you down eventually.  The positive ones will never let you down.

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