Let us define sin.

If I am walking down the road and I step on an ant, that is an accident.

If I am walking down the road and I see an ant and I deliberately step on it, that is a sin.

It is the mindset that counts.  To harm something/someone or not.

Now, Jesus has never forgiven anyone.  That is not his role.  He was here to teach you not to sin in the first place.  Nor can any priest forgive you.

Only you can forgive yourself.  You harmed something/someone so only you can think how sorry you are and regret doing what you did.  That is forgiveness.

Now, many “born again Christians” will be horrified by what I have told you.

However, if you follow their YouTube channels and you see the hatred and venom that they spit with such defiance at anyone who opposes them, I think that you will see that there is little connection between the loving Jesus and what they believe.

Now, here is the problem.

There is a knife edge between good or evil.

If someone is  putting out words of love, togetherness and peacefulness, is that good?

If someone is blasting out words of hatred, defiance and separatism to the world in defence of an idea, is that good or bad.  God or Devil?

It might come as a surprise/shock to one of these “born again” people prepared to extend the hand of hate to anyone who thinks differently to them, or who is a Christian but of the wrong denomination, that they might be putting themselves in the hands of the devil, but that is for them to think about.

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