Soul Trap – Etheric Thought Forms & Patterns

I have spoken to the Great White Brotherhood and here is their answer.

“This so-called soul trap is a false alarm.
People have thought about this story and have created, in the etheric realms, a thought pattern that Remote Viewers or mediums or channelers can link with.
They report what they pick up and create this story.
As an example, Remote Viewers, although just given a series of letters and numbers to remote view with, behind that is the mind of the Tasker.
So, the Remote Viewers link with the Tasker’s question and then link with the thought patterns in the etheric, which contains this false story.
Believe us, if it were true, a whole host of angels and other advanced people in spirit would take whatever steps would be necessary to eradicate the threat.
But the whole story is bogus.

Unfortunately, the more people that believe this sorry tale, the more it spreads in the etheric. But it is not based on fact at all.
It is all just imagination.”

I hope that this reassures you that there is no truth in this silly tale.

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