Soulless People

In a book we mentioned that there are soulless people.
We wish at this time to expand and explain this topic.

Virtually all things, people, animals, plants and even minerals contain souls because they are all created by God’s Archangels and thus follow the same format.
However, the negative forces from the lower 4th dimension have, for many long years, been attempting to do the same. By and large they have failed.
But, the process of creating a human or animal form is fairly easy to do by the simple process of mixing male sperm with a female egg and growing the result in an artificial womb. The process is usually called a “test-tube” baby.

The object is to create clones but, as we have explained, that is impossible.
Quite apart from the complexities of the DNA process, in the case of grown humans, God’s Archangels refuse to put the human Logos (the life spirit) with any grown human and so the human cannot normally exist.
We have explained this in various books and videos.
There is one aspect of this that we have so far not mentioned. That is human looking entities that do not have souls.

This is a subject that we would not normally talk about for a number of reasons. First, we do not wish to frighten people and the idea that there might be people walking about that do not have souls, as we would understand it to be would, naturally, cause fear.
Second, people would tend to think of these beings as being evil, thus causing more fear.
We assure you at this point in our explanation that these entities are not harmful, even though their creators were negative.

So, let us try to explain in a few words, who are these soulless beings are and who created them.

We mentioned demonic forces from the lower 4th dimension that have tried for long ages to create humans with demonic personalities. These creations have always failed but there are other negative forces that live in the astral realms such as the Archons.
We say straight away that the Archons are not the creators of soulless people.
There are other forces that humanity knows nothing of.
One of these groups comes from an alternative reality and it is this group that have, with the help of negative scientists, created soulless people.
So far, we have never mentioned this group but, one day, we will describe them to you. It serves no purpose to talk about them at the moment, except to say that it is one of these groups that have masterminded soulless people.

What we have to tell you now will sound like science fiction but is, nevertheless, the truth.

This negative group contacted advanced scientists many thousands of years ago – pre-Atlantis – and taught them how to grow test-tube babies.
In fact, this is not quite true as it was not a case of creating babies and letting them grow.
They created fully grown humans, rather as some insects; ants, bees etc., are grown fully adult.
So, these test-tube entities were formed as fully mature adults. Their appearance was human.
We can only say that they were grown in Eastern countries using Eastern genetic parents, so we would think of them as of Arabic appearance.
God’s Archangels refused to put a Logos with them but these beings (the creators) were sufficiently advanced, as to be able to put a sort of life force in them, very similar to the life force that Grey robots have.

So, can you imagine a human – either male or female – but with the same life system that a Grey robot has.

We will say something even stranger at this point.
These created, soulless humans, do not age any more than a Grey robot does. They are, in a way, physically immortal.
They do not follow the life plan of normal life; birth, growth, decline and death.
They were grown as fully adult and remain so.
They do not eat, sleep, nor breathe.
These entities were grown (created) long ago and have remained with us ever since.
By good fortune (for them), having somewhat Arabic appearance, they have escaped notice by modern authorities by living in remote areas where birth certificates and identity cards are not required and so, by moving from village to village they have escaped detection.

They have sufficient intelligence to be able to talk and they are overshadowed by their creator masters in the astral realms.
Thus, they can answer awkward questions.
But, usually, they do not mix with the general population of the area they might be in.
They do not work except to have some money to buy clothes, etc.
They do not need food.
They do not breed.

If you were to see one, you would never guess that it was several thousands of years old.

They are harmless. They can be killed in exactly the same way as any normal human can be killed. But they do not put themselves in harms way.
They take no part in political or religious affairs.
They might live in or close to a village but if anyone notices that time passes and that they do not age, they will move away and join another village.

How many of them are there?
It is difficult to say but we would estimate no more than 1000 individuals.

We will stop here as we have given you an overview of the subject.
We will expand more when we discuss these hidden groups of intelligences.

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