Soulmate and Twin Flame

There is much incorrect thinking concerning the term “soulmate”. It has been suggested that the spirit of God that is made into humans has a duality, a positive and negative, which is made into two people, one male and the other female, who spend their lives in a search for each other, stumbling through relationship after relationship until they meet by chance.

This is nonsense.

The power of God, which creates all life, creates everything as individual. You are not part of a duality. There is no mysterious other half somewhere blindly seeking you as you blindly seek him or her, but there is someone, somewhere, who is by chance an exact foil for your personality. Indeed, there may be more than one.

If you consider for a moment, you have a particular personality that is the result of the ray that you travel plus the experiences that you have gained along the route and, in addition, genetic influences gained from your parents. That has given you a particular personality which, whilst unique, is and must be similar to that of many other people throughout the world. There are a finite number of permutations of personality but an infinite number of people. You can rest assured that there is someone somewhere in the world whose personality is similar to yours.

Equally, there are people whose personalities are diametrically opposed to yours. It is often supposed that people with opposite personalities should marry, each personality aspect being balanced by an equal but opposite personality trait in the partner. That too is nonsense. If you have ever encountered anyone who thinks completely differently to you, whose views on everyday affairs, on diet, on politics, on religion, on behaviour, are the opposite to yours, you quickly discover that communication is impossible as you have no common ground to share experience on. By that token, you would realise that your ideal partner would be a replica of yourself, not physically, but from a personality aspect.

Our old friend, the law of mutual attraction, of like attracting like, will ensure, should you ask, that any and all with personalities similar to your own will be drawn to you. You do not need to wait until half a dozen prospective soulmates are in attendance before making your choice. The first one will be quite sufficiently close to you to provide you both with a harmonious existence for all eternity. For, make no mistake, a relationship under consideration is not expected to endure simply for your human incarnation but is required, and should, create an atmosphere of love and harmony for all of your long existence on the road to God. The simple act of asking God to help you find a soulmate should, and will, create a bond between yourself and your partner that will endure forever, bringing joy to you both and joy also to those who come into contact with you.

Remember that all is one. If you are happy, everybody benefits. If you are sad, the whole world saddens too. Thus, the matter of choosing a mate is simple. However, there are a number of areas and events that complicate matters. The first to be considered is this. Until now, few had the knowledge that you now have on how to arrive at a successful marriage or relationship.

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