Space/Time Travel

Space and time in the somewhat illusionary world of 3D existence are closely connected, one being a reflection of the other.
As we have said in the past, it is not possible to alter the past as it is fixed in the Akashic Record and cannot be tampered with.
However, it is possible to view any event recorded in the living library and observe it as if it was unfolding before one’s eyes.
Now, there is an aspect of time travel which is rather interesting.

Many times, each second, as we have explained, events are recorded as snapshots, in the Akashic Record, which are themselves still but, taken collectively, make moving pictures which we observe as events in the past or the future.
Now, the peculiar part of viewing the past is that time and space being connected, if one wishes to travel to the past, one must traverse space. This space travel is not as one might imagine like flying to a distant planet. It is the space between time that we are referring to.

Imagine holding a photo before your eyes. Imagine that the first photo was connected to many more as on a film strip. If the first photo was taken very recently and the photo you wished to observe was taken some time in the past, one would need to unroll a huge amount of film to reach the appropriate photo.
If we were to hold the film strip out and measure it, it would appear quite long.
In other words, these two photos, the one taken recently and the one taken long ago would be far apart on the film strip corresponding to a length of space.

The Akashic Record operates in a similar fashion. Each snapshot of time takes up a certain space and so to travel back in time requires to travel back in space, each snapshot corresponding to a certain amount of space.

This is not an easy concept to explain and is not easy to comprehend and is, indeed, very advanced physics, space and time being connected and each moment of time corresponding to a certain amount of space.
The subject is further complicated by the fact that very few truly understand the nature of space/time.

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