Spirit Guides

Many people think that a spirit guides is a person, often a member of the family of the person incarnate.

We have suggested this ourselves in past messages to avoid confusion when talking about spirit guides.

Now, while this is true it is not the whole story by any means.

The first question and the first clue that there is more to the subject of spirit guides is to ask why should we have a spirit guide?  What purpose does a spirit guide serve?  Those who study esoteric matters accept that they have a spirit guide but how many have actually seen their guide?  How many have spoken to them and how many can honestly say that they have been guided by this entity?

The truth is that no one has ever had direct contact with their spirit guide – ever.

Those that claim to be in contact with their guide are just using their imagination to create an image and personality that they call a guide but imagination is not reality.  Spirit guides do not exist as solid, if astral, beings that are human in quite the same fashion that we are human.

To understand the concept of spirit guides, we need to have a clear understanding of the oversoul.

As we have stated before, the oversoul is a concept. The oversoul is not a person, it is an idea rather as we use the idea of the word ‘home’, the base to which we belong and to which we can return to find a safe haven.

Just as the oversoul is a concept, an idea that we accept exists, when we descend into incarnation we retain, at all times a strong connection to our home, our oversoul.

Therefore, this so called spirit guide is not a person, it is a link to and with our home, the oversoul.

It does guide us because we have our life plan that was agreed upon long before incarnation became fact and so, in connection with the higher mind (higher self), there is a constant guiding source helping us through our incarnation.

So, to repeat, the spirit guide is a spiritual force caused by our link to our oversoul that, through our higher mind is constantly prodding us in the direction that we should take.

In this sense it seems real and it is easy to see why it has been confused with a person, a loved member of the family but, in reality, it is our spiritual connection to our oversoul.

With good, kind people, the oversoul is sending good, kind thoughts and emotions to us, whereas, with bad people, their oversoul is more negative and will send evil thoughts to the incarnate person.

So it is very similar to a person in many respects but, nevertheless, the spirit guide is an emotion projected by the Oversoul.

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