Spirits versus Ghosts

Spirits are what we call people who have died.
Ghosts are in two forms.
Sometimes, in cemeteries, we see things that look like a grey/white cloud.  That is quite simply the etheric double of a recently dead person that was buried in the cemetery.  The etheric double can hang about for a while before dissolving.
Now, it can happen that a person can die and not realise that he is dead.  This is often a person that lived on his own.  Thinking he is still alive, he hangs around in the etheric realm just outside of physicality.
Eventually another family move into the house and the “dead” person senses their presence because he can see their etheric doubles.
Assuming that they are squatters in his house, he tries to chase them away.  He causes doors to bang, chucks furniture about and so on.
When this happens, a trained medium can try to contact him and persuade him to move on to heaven.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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