Spiritual Law

Before anything takes physical form, it starts off as a non-physical aspect.  We could call the non-physical part a hope, an idea, an inspiration, a desire and so on.
The point is that before something takes physical form, we have to create it in the astral realms as a non-physical representation of what we hope will, one day, be physical.  We do this with our minds, our ID.

But there are always negative beings floating about ready and willing to destroy “the best laid plans of mice and men.”

Once something becomes physical, it is too late.  The negative entities cannot destroy it because it already exists in the physical world.
So, what they do, if they get hold of a plan by someone to do something, whilst it is still in the astral realms, they can destroy it there.
So, if we hope for something to happen, before it becomes reality in our world, we never talk about it.
If we do, there is danger of the negative beings picking up the thought an destroying it.

This is a valuable life lesson.

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