Spiritual Split

We are going through a unique time of spiritual up-liftment that has never happened anywhere in the universe before.

The planet Earth has decided that it is time to shift to a higher spiritual dimension – not physical change – but spiritual.  We are all – at least the goodies –  rising with Sofia (Earth).

Energy is pouring into the planet from the central sun.  The angelic beings are pouring energy into us.

The evil ones, Archons and company, are very much aware of this and so are doing all that they can to stop this shift.  They will fail.

As I may have mentioned, there is a split happening.

Good people can feel this pressure, this impetus to do something.  We, you and I and people like us,  know that we must pray, meditate and to help people.

I get endless messages from people telling me that they feel this pressure and are feeling lost and confused.  They feel the old way of living slipping away and don’t know what to do.

I explain what is happening and I explain to them how to align themselves with this new energy.  Once they know what is going on and that they have to start to meditate and so on, these people write back to thank me and tell me that they feel like they are coming home.

The evil ones know that their time is over and they are running scared.  I understand that the reptilian overlord that has guided and dominated the elite families for thousands of years has abandoned them.  He wants to escape but is stuck here on planet Earth, powerless.  The elite are desperately trying to cause mayhem and are planning to escape if they can before they all get arrested.  They will fail and will have their power removed.

We are going through a wonderful and magic time right now.

It sounds like science fiction but I assure you that it is all true – and more.

Our job is to pray for peace, meditate and to help people.  Those prayers and good intentions wing their way out to all the world and will cause this change to happen more quickly.

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