Spontaneous Self Combustion

Can you please explain spontaneous self combustion? What causes it and why?

It doesn’t actually exist.
It is always caused by some accident: cigarette, or other accident.
Now, why doesn’t the entire body burn and usually the legs are left?
The answer is that as the oxygen in the room is used up, the upper part of the body is burned but, as the heat rises, the air and thus the oxygen, which rises with the air, also rises, it is the upper part of the body that is burned but, when there is no oxygen left, the fire goes out.
It relies on the door and the window of the room being closed.
If the door or the window was open, the result would be the whole house going up in flames, but with the door shut, the fire only causes a limited amount of damage.
Now, this effect only happens to people who are severely handicapped and can’t escape or who are so drunk/drugged that they are virtually comatose. Or for some similar reason.
So, spontaneous combustion is a not a natural effect. It is caused by accident or carelessness.
The victim is always alone. There is never someone with the victim to put out the flames. There is never a witness to the event.
I know that some people say that it can happen to people just walking along a street, but I think that there is no proof of this.
Certainly, I have never seen anyone film someone just bursting into flames for no obvious reason.

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