Staircase In The Forest

These staircases that are sometimes see in forests are actually portals that can open to lead one into different dimensions.

Although they appear real and one can interact with them just as one could interact with any physical staircase, in fact they are introductory links into another dimension.

So, if climbed, they will take one up from the ‘physical’ dimension and finish, at the top in a different dimension.  So, should anyone be foolish enough to climb up to the top, he would disappear into a different dimension.

In fact, these staircases are not entirely physical.  They are tubes, if one can thus describe them, that open from time to time.

It is our imagination that attempts to comprehend what we see and thus create the image of a staircase.  This is because, in the etheric realms, the image of a portal was imagined long ago by people who knew nothing about portals and so, to try to understand what they were observing, created the thought of a staircase from some thought image.

This concept lasts today in ‘stairway to heaven’ or ‘Jacob’s ladder.’

So, when people wander in a forest and see a portal, the thought form in the etheric, created long ago, kicks in and they are seen as staircases.

They will disappear after a time and new one’s form at a later date.

These portals are part of the way that nature works and will allow creatures from another dimension to enter our world if desired.

But from an Earthly perspective they are dangerous and should not be approached.

As the veil between worlds thins, these staircases will appear with increasing frequency.  But, whatever form they take they should not be interfered with.

Man incarnate does not have the spiritual power to control his destiny and so would finish up in a different world with no means of returning to our reality.

The subject of portals and alternative realities is interesting and will be discussed by us eventually.

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