The statues and apparent remains of buildings on Mars are the result of the various races that we mentioned in the previous talk that tried to claim ownership of Mars.

They were produced by using etheric material which they formed with their minds and lowered the frequency of until they became solid objects.

This apparently miraculous technique has often been used in various parts of the Galaxy for a variety of reasons.

In the case of Mars, once a particular space group claimed ownership of a portion of Mars, some of them –  not all – decided to mark their ownership  by producing artefacts of various kinds, some of which were placed within the portion of land claimed and some of which were placed as boundary markers.

It must be appreciated that all this took place long before any humans on earth had developed the ability to build similar artefacts.

Once the  planet Mars was lost to the reptilians, the surface of the planet largely destroyed, and the aliens approached Earth, they created similar structures and statues on earth most of which have also been lost through the various ELE’s that have wrought havoc on Earth.

Occasionally, an object or a piece of an object of great antiquity is discovered on earth that archaeologists tend to ignore or hide from view. These, sometimes, are remnants remaining of the creation of these aliens.

The technique of being able to create an image in etheric or astral form and lowering its vibration until it appears in physical form is a fairly simple manipulation of frequency which has not yet fully been mastered by modern man but which is a technique that will be re-discovered as man moves more into the light.

As everything is just frequencies, one can easily imagine that to form an object in one frequency and to reduce that frequency until the object appears in a different frequency is not that difficult.

It does, of course, require a mastery of the manipulation of frequencies but modern man will, one day, master it. Then will food, housing, clothing and everything that humanity requires be produced at will.

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