The history of Stonehenge is not quite as collective wisdom has portrayed.

Depending on which part of collective wisdom one accepts as true, it is considered to be a cosmic clock, a temple created by Druids or a place where people gathered at certain times of the year in order to have feasts.

The truth is somewhat different.  Stonehenge was constructed many years ago, at about the same time that the great pyramids of Giza and the pyramids of Cusco were constructed, ie; twenty thousand years ago.

The henge was designed by the builder race that we have already mentioned that designed and oversaw the construction of the pyramids that we mentioned above.

The purpose of Stonehenge was similar to the purpose of the pyramids, ie; to broadcast a signal identifying the site.

Its shape was different from that of the pyramids but its purpose was the same.

Megalithic stones have the ability, depending on the location of where they were harvested, to vibrate at a particular frequency, therefore the stones used in the construction of the henge vibrate at a frequency that corresponds to that part of Britain.

Obviously, the ones in Egypt correspond to Egypt and those in Peru vibrate at a frequency that indicates that location.

Therefore, to broadcast a signal, it is not necessary to create a pyramid shape but a pyramid is the most stable shape and have withstood Earthquakes, whereas Stonehenge suffered and many of the rocks have fallen over time.

But the means of construction followed a similar pattern to those of the pyramids.

Programmed life forms were created to excavate the rocks, humans transported them using levitation technology and, by the same technology, the rocks were lifted into place.

Due to the damage the henge has undergone, very little of its signalling power remains but, occasionally, UFO’s are still to be seen close to the henge, attracted by the signal being transmitted.

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