Structure On The Moon


This message from the GWB is based on a YouTube video that uses Remote Viewing as a process for viewing into the past, present or future – not only on Earth, but virtually anywhere, as all is one and all is connected.

The Remote Viewers were tasked with viewing a possible structure on the moon that has been previously considered by a person named Patrick Skipper. Patrick viewed NASA photos that intentionally blurred out some objects seen on the photos. The purpose of the Remote Viewing sessions was to determine if the Viewers could perceive any evidence of structures on the moon that were potentially smudged or blurred out on the photographs.

For additional context, the YouTube video of the Remote Viewing can be watched at the following link:

Message from the Great White Brotherhood

We have already explained that, long ago, there was a battle for the moon between groups – that no longer exist – and the reptilians. A battle that the reptilians won.
The reptilians still claim ownership of the moon.

These former races had developed space travel and had also developed the ability to move in and out of physicality and the etheric dimensions.

As is so often the case, war broke out over the ownership of the moon.

This tower was a sort of meeting house for one of the groups who had developed the ability to harness energy from the moon.

Although the moon has been modified for a specific purpose it is, nevertheless, a natural body and can, thus, be used to create energy in a similar way or fashion to the way it can be done on Earth. The different potentials between air and earth.

Its demise came when an opposing force short-circuited the electric structure within the tower and an explosion resulted.

The tower still exists but is no longer functional.

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