Subconscious and ID

What is the Subconscious and is it related to the ID??

The ID is, in a way, our personal identity – the being who looks back at us when we look in a mirror.
Now, a human is a very complicated creature and anything that we could consider that makes up ‘us’ is, in actuality, a mixture of many parts, some acting exclusively for us and some shared with all life.
In fact, as none of us really exist and we are all just illusionary aspects of God who, assisted by his Archangels, created the world of illusion in which we live, so we need to accept illusions as reality.
Equally, within this illusion is the concept of individuality.
This also is illusion.
So, the truth to your question is that there is no truth, only illusion.
However, to live sanely in this world of illusion we must try to accept that life is real otherwise we might go off the rails and find ourselves in a mental institution.

So, let us accept that life is real and try to answer your question.

The ID, as we said, is our personal identity.
The Subconscious is connected to Higher Self and is the small, still voice that whispers thoughts and ideas to us when we need them.
The Subconscious is, as the word suggests, separate from the mind and the brain.
It is the Higher Self and it is very important to develop a connection with the Higher Self.
It will help us resolve problems and will guide us down the path we should be taking.

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