Suicide In Heaven

Can a soul/person commit suicide in heaven/summer land??

The answer is no.

First of all, when one is in the Heavenly spheres it is so beautiful, peaceful and loving that no one would wish to escape from that place.

Second, we are immortal spirits. It is only here on earth that we appear to have a physical body. This physical body is actually an illusion but it appears real to us and we can detach ourselves from it if we wish. We do this anyway when our natural lifespan comes to an end.

But, actually, the physical body is only a sort of robot that is animated by our spirit. Our spirit constantly sends telepathic commands to our physical body and the body moves and does what it does. But it is the spirit that is doing all that.

So, the physical body is not really us. It is just a sort of tool that we use to interface with this so-called physical life.
So, it is disposable, one way or another.

However, once we go to heaven, we are in spirit form and this spirit is immortal and cannot be harmed in any way.
This spirit has all the attributes that you have here on Earth. So you can choose to be happy or unhappy if you wish but it is so beautiful in heaven that most people are happy.
There are a few unfortunate people that choose to remain negative and they, unfortunately, are found in what is called hell.

Hell is just part of the Heavenly spheres, the higher 4th dimension, but if one chooses to lead a negative life in heaven that person will be drawn to what we call hell.
But even there it is almost impossible to commit any form of suicide.

It is possible, if someone is so negative that they lose all connection to spirituality, they can give up the life Spirit and, effectively, die but it is very, very rare.

So, for the vast majority of us, we lead a happy and peaceful life in heaven and all thoughts of suicide do not enter our minds.


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