Killing yourself is both stupid, unkind and pointless.

We are all in a school together.  We are here to learn.  Just like at school, we have to study, to learn and it takes effort, life is just the same.
We come here to learn about life.
Everything that we experience comes from God as his means of teaching us.
But God never sends us more that we can handle. He gives us hard lessons sometimes but the trick is not to worry but to thank God for the lesson, sit back and wait for God to send us the answer.

If you think about it, how many problems have you already faced and yet they have all been resolved one way or another.
So, don’t worry about problems.  They are only end of term tests like at school.
So, all you have to do is, when you are faced with a problem is to say to God, ‘Thanks for this problem and thanks for sending me the answer.’
Then sit back and relax knowing that God will send you the answer because  … you are God.
God created you and God put all of himself in you.

So God does not worry because God has all the answers to all the questions.  If you keep faith that God will look after you, God will.  If you want to worry, God will let you do that but there is no need to worry about anything.
Even before receiving the problem, the answer is already there.  Just let God send it to you.  It is called faith.

Suicide is unkind because it is saying to both your spiritual father – God – that you don’t want his gift of life and also saying the same to your Earthly parents and loved ones.  You are rejecting this wonderful gift – life.
You will also make them deeply unhappy.  Suicide is a selfish act.  Think of the effect that act will have on others.
Never do to others that which you would not like done to you.

It is also pointless because you will end up in heaven with exactly the same mindset as you had down here.  Nothing alters.  Life continues after death exactly as it did down here.  There is no escape.  We are here to understand that God gives us these problems to test our faith exactly as exams at school are there to test our knowledge.
So put your faith in God and God will see you through without you having to worry.

Stop worrying about your little problems and do your best to stay cheerful and help others through kind words, acts and deeds.
That way you will quickly see that your problems are nothing compared to other people’s problems but we are all in the same boat rowing together towards perfection.


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