Swinging Into The Light

Q: Hi Bob. Do you have any information about what a lot of people are saying about something very big is unfolding as we live out are experience here on earth? A lot of people think that there is some type of war coming for all humanity, and this war will probably wipe most of us out. With all these terror attacks and religious ideologies being played out and the amount of fear it creating, we’ll what do you think is going to happen let’s say within the next 10 years. Do you think there will be an unpredictable evil that is going to plague this realm what does your guides tell you about the future and outcome for humans?

A: Now try to understand what I am going to tell you.  It is very important for the survival of mankind.
Life swings into darkness for a while and then it swings into light.
Each period of swing lasts about 350,000 years, so for the last 350,000 years, we were in darkness.  That darkness was under the control of a group of evil entities called Archons.  Spiritual darkness, not physical darkness.
It just so happens that we started to swing into the light about the end of 2012.  This swing into light is inevitable which means that the time of the Archons is over.
Now, it is in the nature of Archons that if they can’t have something they will destroy it so that no one can have it.
So, what they are trying to do is to persuade us that WW3 is inevitable in the hopes that we will start chucking nuclear bombs at each other and destroy the planet and all life on it.
This WW3 is not inevitable.  It is not actually part of our timeline.
Our timeline is one of peace and prosperity but if the Archons can persuade enough people that we must go to war, they can change the timeline to an evil one in which we blow ourselves up.

So, it is vitally important that you reject this idea of WW3 and absolutely accept that we are on a timeline of peace.
You must reject this negative idea and embrace the fact that all is well and that we are heading for peace, love and prosperity which is actually our future.
Also try to explain to your friends what I have explained to you so that we stay on the good timeline.


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