I have a question about teleporting. Is there a distance limit? Is it possible to teleport from Japan to Portugal for example or does that depend on one’s ability? Also are there limitations, like does teleporting make you tired? Thank you in advance.

Hi, Thank you for your question.
In theory, there is no limit to how far one can teleport. In practice, one can only teleport to a destination that one can clearly visualize. One needs to be able to clearly visualize one’s departure point and one’s destination point. Teleportation is totally dependent on the ability to visualize in one’s mind these points.
Also, I will add that, as everything is a question of frequencies, if one teleports and one is wearing newish clothing, that clothing will not have had time to absorb one’s personal frequency, so the clothes will not teleport with the person. Thus, one will arrive at one’s destination naked!
Also, it is not possible to take someone with you.
What teleportation involves is using one’s personal frequency and combining that, first with the departure frequency and then the frequency of the arrival point. In practice, if visualization is intense enough, the frequencies take care of themselves.
It is not tiring above and beyond how tiring intense concentration is.

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