The Arc of the Covenant

Many years ago, there was a race of people who were enslaved by another race.
The Bible denotes them as Jewish people (the Chosen ones) who were enslaved by the Egyptians.
This is not actually true.
The races concerned existed before even the Atlantean group came to the forefront of our knowledge so we are going back quite a long way in time.
However, as everything is recorded in the akashic record, the history of that time still exists and certain people interested in that history looked into the akashic record and brought the story forward to our time and created the Jewish/Egyptian story to make it understandable to people of today.

But we should always remember that Biblical stories are often analogies and are transformed. The Egyptians, in Biblical terminology, always represent bad people and the Jewish people represent God’s people. This, of course is not true and has accounted for much bloodshed over the years.

Anyway, the two races were quite advanced compared to people today and the enslaved people hatched a plan to escape.
We will say that the slavery imposed on one group was not at all as described in the Bible. It was more like the sort of slavery that most people are trapped in today.
This enslaved group produced a weapon of sorts that enabled them to generate energy that was highly spiritual in nature.
We do not have the equivalent today so it is rather difficult to describe.
But it was a means of projecting positive thoughts out to the world.
Obviously, it was not a little box and, to be honest, we do not know what it looked like as the akashic record does not include any plans for it.
It may, indeed, not have existed in physical form. It may have been a sort of Ascension device.
Eventually the device influenced the evil ones to the point where they were forced to liberate the good people.
Then, in more recent times, priests who were able to enter the akashic record came across the record and modernised it into the story you know today.

The interesting thing is that history tends to repeat itself and life is going to repeat what happened long ago.
The enslaved human race is going to be freed from the enslaving overlords and the Jews – you – will be free.
This time we are calling the Arc of the Covenant “ascension”.
This was probably what it was all those long years ago. So, there is no box hidden away somewhere. It is spirituality that the is the Arc of the Covenant.

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