The Asteroid Belt

There is much false or incorrect information that circulates about a number of subjects.  Some of it is deliberately created false information to confuse people and some of it is just man’s feeble attempts to understand the universe.

Regarding Mars being a moon of a huge planet that was destroyed?

It is clear that an explosion large enough to completely shatter a planet of that size would also have been large enough to destroy any moon in its vicinity.  So the answer is that this story is not true.

The asteroid belt is simply material that has not yet been attracted together to form a planet or planets.

It is material waiting until the moment when the DOL decide to create a planet and then that material will coalesce and a new planet will appear.  But that will not happen for a long time.

Regarding people taking day trips to Mars, this also is false information.

We said that no human had visited Mars and we stand by that statement.

Equally it is not true that there is a slave population on Mars.

It would not be possible for humans to exist on a planet that does not have a breathable atmosphere, nor could they exist in the extremes of temperatures that are experienced on Mars.

The Reptilians do not exploit Mars for any minerals.

They do not need them.

So, we repeat, virtually all the information in the public domain concerning Mars is false.


I went on to ask them a couple more questions.

Is there water on Mars?

Mars does not have any water – for that it would need to have an atmosphere containing oxygen and hydrogen. Mars does not have sufficient of those gasses. Thus there is no water and no vegetable life.

Any statues, apart from pyramids, were created by the robots that the various alien groups put on the surface in order to stake claim to the planet.

The reptilians ignored any such marks and took the planet for themselves.


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