The Devil Versus Demons

I think that it is fair to say that there are two sorts of “evil” entities.

1. The first lot were created by the directors of life to help keep the planet in balance.

The angels of creation, create living things: humans, animals, plants and even stones are alive. If these beings just lived for ever, the planet would soon be choked with living objects. So, we have the angels of destruction that create demons and so on. They are basically the trash men of life. Their job is to get rid of things when they die so they play an essential role in keeping life in balance. Now, neither the angels of creation nor the angels of destruction should interact with us but we can invoke them and use them for our purposes.
Good people invoke the good angels to create good things and evil people invoke the destructive angels to create evil.
That is where the concept of God and the devil, angels and demons comes from.

2. Then there is a horrible group called either the Archons or the Nephilim.

These are entities, that live in the etheric and lower 4th dimension. They are scarcely alive in our understanding of the word. They are almost A.I. but they are terribly active and have been influencing reptilians and our psychopathic leaders for thousands of years.
They are the entities behind most of the negative things that people have been doing for a long time.
But the good news is that we are moving into a positive time and all these negative entities and people will go.
The angels of destruction will remain but will return to their original function which is to dispose of dead bodies of people, plants and animals.
So, eventually, peace will return to Earth.

When it comes to some other so-called beings or entities, the story is actually very complicated.
Basically, if we think of the devil, satan and so on, we created, in the etheric world, a force that becomes almost alive.
Krishna is a prime example. Krishna never actually lived as a person but so many billions of people pray to him that he now exists as a force that seems alive. A positive force.
The Devil and satan are the same. They only exist as thought forms.
Demons do not have names but, if we give them names, one can identify with a name and become more powerful if we think about it.
As was previously mentioned, demons were created by the directors of life to act as trash men, clearing up dead bodies and keeping the planet in balance.
But, like all these forces, we can invoke them and evil people do.
These demons cannot think for themselves. They are programmed just to clear up rubbish but, what they do is negative compared to the angels of creation that create life, or rather, living things.
So, evil people drag demons into their evil plans to do evil work.
It is not the fault of the demons, it is the fault of people who want to do evil.

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