The Fourth Dimension

For some reason people seem to misunderstand what I said about the 4th dimension.
It is, unfortunately, two separate areas that share the same name – the 4th dimension.
But they are two totally separate areas and they never cross over.
The lower 4th is the area where demons exist.
The higher 4th is what we call heaven.
Now, people confuse hell with the lower 4th.
This is a mistake.
You need to understand that the higher 4th dimension contains both what we call heaven and hell.
Both heaven and hell are all aspects of the higher 4th.
We all go to the higher 4th dimension. From there we have our life review and, according to what sort of person we are, we are drawn by the law of mutual attraction to a certain area of heaven, of which there are countless levels.
The problem is that we associate the word heaven with purity etc. But heaven is a multileveled place that contains places for all people to live, from the darkest parts of what we call hell to the highest parts of what we call paradise.
None of this is connected to the lower 4th dimension.
The demons can never get into the higher 4th and, with only a few exceptions, none of us visit the lower 4th.


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