The Logos – The Holy Grail

The Logos of God is considered to be the stamp that is put on humanity by the Archangels charged with creating humanity.

It can be considered to be like the seal that, say, an ambassador would be given to mark his authority.

Equally, we see it in military circles where soldiers wear ornaments to denote their ranks.

The Logos is the mark, invisible to Earthly life, that is locked safely within the soul of any and all creatures, that gives it authority from God to be alive.

Without this stamp, this Logos, nothing can have life.

We should venerate this Logos because it is our badge of authority from God itself to be human and to be one with God.  We must also mention that all other life forms, mineral, vegetable or animal all have the Logos associated with them.

It is the prize that so many have sought, the holy grail, that must, at all costs, be kept from the hands of the enemy.

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