The Minds

We have a physical brain which is just a computer designed to make the body work.  Attached to that brain is something called the “physical mind”.  This physical mind, which is a sort of aura and is therefore invisible, tells the brain what to do.  If, for instance you want to stand up, the brain on its own will do nothing.  It is the physical mind that tells the brain to activate the programme that makes you stand up.  It is a bit like a computer operator pushing buttons on a computer.

So, this physical mind is just designed to work in real time telling the brain which parts of your body to activate to do the things that we do all the time.

However, this physical mind also has an element to it that is designed to help protect the body from harm.  That element (programme, if you like) is called the ego.  As soon as you are in danger the ego activates and tries to protect you.  However, it can get out of control and activates anytime someone says something that you don’t agree with.  Then we have all the shouting, arguments and violence as two egos battle for supremacy.

Further this physical mind can try to control your present and future.  But it is not designed to do that and, if followed will lead you down the wrong road as it cannot see the future.  It can only work in the present.  It can also retain memories from the past from which it tries to predict the future.

So, so far we have the brain and the physical mind.

Then we have something called higher mind.  This higher mind is linked both to the higher self and to the physical mind.

The higher self is where all ideas come from because it can see the big picture.  The higher self knows in which direction you should go and which steps to take to get there.

It transmits that information to the higher mind which, in turn tries to implant that information in the physical mind.

If this happens all is well.  However, the physical mind can be so involved with its ego that it shuts out the information from the higher mind, then you are in trouble like a ship sailing about with no rudder.

So the trick is to try to shut down the ego so that you can listen to your higher self transmitting information through the higher mind into the physical mind which, in turn, activates the brain to put all that information to work.

So, we have a higher self, a higher mind, a physical mind and a brain.

That, in a nutshell, is what I have been told.

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