The Path to Perfection

I have the impression that in physicality it is easier to overcome our defects and to perfect ourselves; doing the same in heaven takes much longer time. Why is that?

The simple answer is that, in heaven, nasty people are in one part where as nice people are in another, so we do not come into contact with each other.
In incarnation we are all jumbled together, so good people and evil people are all mixed up.
Evil people have the chance to mix with holy people and holy people have the chance to mix with evil people.
This gives us the chance to see how each group acts and reacts to events.
This is valuable experience that is not available in heaven.
By us good people seeing how evil people act, it gives us the chance to see into their modes of thinking and to understand how they think.
Equally, evil people can see how us good people think and can start to understand the difference between them and us.
Thus, we all grow in wisdom.
This is more difficult in heaven where good and bad people are kept separate.

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