The significance of dreams

There are two answers. The first, long and complicated, and the second, the simple answer. I will give you the simple answer.
You have two bodies. The first is the physical one that looks back at you in a mirror and the second is your non-physical or spiritual body. It is invisible to you.
When you are awake, you use your physical brain contained in your physical body. But when you sleep, you use your ‘mind’, which is contained in your non-physical body.
Your brain is concentrated on things going on around you but your mind links to the Akashic Record and creates images that your imagination translates into dreams.
The basic concept is that dreams help you to mull over events of recent days so that you can make sense of them. They are a sort of healing process.
They may not make sense but your mind – and other aspects of you – need these dreams to help you come to terms with how your life is unfolding in relation to your life plan and other aspects of you.
As I said, this is the short answer. The long answer would fill a book.
But, don’t worry about dreams. They are very healing, even if your conscious mind does not understand them.

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