The Soul

The spirit of God, the soul, as it is called is our personal aspect of the Almighty creator, God.

It manifests itself through our consciousness although it is not our consciousness.

Our God spirit fabricates all the parts that go to make a living object, including humans and so our God spirit manufactures our consciousness.

We have termed this consciousness the ID, of which there is only one as far as humans are concerned.

Animals and other objects have their own versions of consciousness and their own ID.

Now, this is the difficult part to explain.

We are all alive, conscious, sentient and always will be.

That is the single life force at work creating a multitude of creatures in its quest to gain infinite wisdom.

This one God force is actually indivisible and so, when we talk about a personal God spirit, a soul, we are not exactly telling the truth because this one, indivisible God spirit is animating all of us.

The individual god spirit is actually God permitting himself to be present in all life to animate it.

So, when someone says that he or she is God, they are telling the truth and that is the best kept secret by the Archons.

We are all God.  Not an aspect of God but the totality of God.

However, it is more complicated than that because we mention that our personal God spirit is encased in a protective coating called a soul.

This implies that the God spirit associated with us is a real particle that needs to be protected from harm rather like an embryo chick is encased in an egg shell to protect it.

Now, what we should really say is that the logos of God, which individually animates all life, is encased in a protective shell to make sure that nothing can touch it.

This is done for a number of reasons some of which it would be better not to go into for the moment.

But, to answer the question, where is and what is our soul, our personal aspect of God, quite simply it is the totality of God.

That is all there is in the multiverse.

All else is illusion.

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