The Truth About Reincarnation

When you die, your body either rots in the ground or is burned. Either way, it becomes unusable.

Your spirit goes off to heaven and rejoins your Oversoul.

Then your Oversoul creates another person to send to Earth – or somewhere else.

You may ask your Oversoul if you can incarnate (reincarnate) in that new body that the Oversoul is creating.

If he agrees, your Oversoul creates a person, with you attached that he sends to Earth.

However, this new person will have absolutely no resemblance to the old you.

You will look different, could be of a different sex, could be of a different skin color, will be born into a family different from your first family. Will, perhaps, speak a different language. Will have a different personality.

Now, the information concerning your first incarnation is hidden in your higher self so you, until you are able to really contact your higher self, will have no memory that this is your second try here.

So you will stumble through life just as you did in your first incarnation.

So, although you could call it reincarnation, it is not really reincarnation in the sense most people think of; having a conscious memory of the first incarnation. Being aware that this is part 2.

That is why reincarnation almost never happens – it is a waste of time and energy.


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