The Truth Of The Bible – KJV

You may or may not know, that the Bible that you read is called the King James “authorised” version.
It was written, at the command of King James, in or around 1610 AD.
Now, that was a long time ago.

We were in the middle of all the various witch-hunts that were going on, the “holy inquisition” and the burning at the stake of anyone who was slightly different from the general public and so on.

In order to understand the Bible as you know it, you would need to study the mentality of this King James.
He had a very tormented upbringing and became a very peculiar person.

Once he became king, he had the authority to tell priests to follow his rather twisted commands.
So, he told them to come up with a rather special version of the Bible, that you know today as the “authorised” version.
It does not pretend to present truth to you, but the views of that king and his priests, that followed his commands.
It reflects, in effect, the twisted views of that King, the twisted views of the priesthood, and the attitudes at that time, long ago.

So, anyone who had the slightest knowledge of anything that we would call esoteric today, was considered to be a demon – or at least under the influence of demonic powers.
However, things are slightly different today. Some of us, at least, have our eyes open and can see beyond the very stilted attitudes of 400 years ago.

We should use discernment towards a Bible that was created, some 400 years ago, to stifle truth about life and realize that we do not need religions and people between us and God.

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