Thought is a process that starts in the higher mind (higher self).  This very high part of us is constantly on the lookout to gain more wisdom which it shares with the individual concerned and, as higher self is just one for all of us, everyone gains in that knowledge even if they are not aware of it.  It also, of course, is fed into the Akashic Record and nourishes also God.
So, thought is a concept, a curiosity if one may thus explain it, which originates in the higher self.
Then it is passed to imagination which may or may not embellish it before it is passed to the ID of the person concerned.
As we just said, it is also fed into the Akashic Record and God itself.
Now, thought has many degrees of genius attached to it.
When it comes straight from the higher self into the ID, the mind of the individual, it might well be a startling revelation.
However, in the degree that it is corrupted by imagination it can become very banal.
It depends on the degree that the individual concerned can remove his imagination and allow pure thought to enlighten him.
Of course, imagination, if trained, can embellish the thought and make it even stronger.  It depends on the person.

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