Time And Parallel Universes

Now, I was sure that you were going to ask me how to shift realities.

This is going to be difficult to explain because it is a bit like explaining to someone how to ride a bike or how to swim.

One can explain the technique but it is impossible to explain how to do those things.  The person has to experiment until, suddenly, he can ride the bike or swim without sinking.  It has to happen to the person.

So, I will explain the concept of moving to parallel realities and do my best to help you but you will have to learn to do it yourself.

Now, once again, we are going to go pretty deeply down the rabbit hole.

I am going to start off talking about time.

I will ask you to accept that time does not flow in one continuous line.  In fact it doesn’t exist at all, but we have the impression that it does.

The best way to understand time progressing is to imagine the sort of film that used to be used in cinema cameras.  They took still images 24 times a second.  As they were projected, we have the impression that things flow smoothly but it is an illusion.  In fact, you have a series of still frames moving through the projector giving the impression of movement and of time passing.

You can see where I am going with this, I imagine.

Real life is much the same as a cine film.  We have still images being created and destroyed billions of times a second.  So you, when you move, do so in a series of tiny jerks but it happens so quickly that you can’t see the jerkiness.

There is more, however.

Every time a frame is created, then destroyed, then created, not simply is a new picture created but a new universe is created.  Billions of times a second, the old universe, and everything in it, is created, destroyed, created and destroyed and so on.

Why is this done?

Nothing is static.  Everything in the universe is either progressing towards perfection or regressing towards annihilation. So, if this is true, the human race, for instance, has to change either towards perfection or annihilation.  If we stood still then,  as the planet Earth changed, gradually we could no longer fit in.

So, what happens is that, in the microseconds when you no longer exist, the Archangelic beings that control our development, manipulate your DNA and whatever else needs to be changed, so that you evolve with the evolving universe.

Unbelievable as this sounds, billions of times a second, you and I and everything in the universe is being recreated new, slightly different from what we were a microsecond ago.

This is where the concept of time comes from.  Billions of still frames joined together into one long film.

Now, I appear to have gone off the subject but I haven’t.

This concept of life appearing and disappearing, appearing and disappearing, is repeated in an infinite number of parallel universes, all of them similar to ours but slightly different.

Imagine an infinite number of projectors flashing images onto an infinite number of screens, each film very similar but slightly different.  This is difficult to imagine but is essential if you want to understand how to manipulate the universes.  It is also interesting to realise a bit more about how things work, don’t you think?

Understanding this concept of how creation works can help us to understand how to jump from one reality to another.

You can’t move while the picture is being taken but you can move in that microsecond when nothing exists, and reappear on a different time frame.  It is like jumping out of a train while it is stationary and boarding another train. Then both trains move off but you are on a different set of rails heading down a different route.

How does one change trains?

Now, this is where it gets hard to explain.

You can say that it is an act of will and I suppose that it is.  And yet it is not quite that.

If we go back to the analogy of riding a bike.  How do you explain that, one minute you can’t keep your balance, and the next you can?

How do you explain that magic moment when you can’t swim and you are floundering around desperately trying to keep your head above water and then, all of a sudden, you can swim.  Not perfectly, but you can swim.

How do you explain that an animal falls in water and, without thinking, it swims.

That is the feeling that I am talking about.

To change universes you have to grasp the fact that you can do it.  Not question it but just do it like you stop floundering and start swimming.

Can you understand how hard it is for me to describe this moment, this event that changes things forever?  Either I can’t ride a bike or I can.  Either I can’t swim or I can.  Either I can’t change universes at will or I can.

What I suggest is that you try to experiment with minor changes and see what happens.

I don’t want to influence you but you could, for instance, think about your wife suggesting a certain meal for supper, or watching a certain channel on TV – anything, and see if it works.

I prefer you to think of simple things that you could change as you know the world that you live in better than I.  However, take baby steps with this.

I honestly don’t know how this actually works so I can’t tell you.  You will have to try things and see what works and what doesn’t.

I forgot to mention the essential part of your question.  How do you choose the one parallel reality that has your numbers on it?  Once again, the answer is contained within the understanding of how to change universes.  When you can manipulate changing universes, you will find that you can automatically land on the one that you want.

Perhaps, if you want, we can discuss the rights and wrongs of manipulating things for personal benefit another time!

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