Although I have had the concept of zero time explained to me by my guides, I am going to explain this concept using the example of an alien who explained it very well.

Imagine that you have a roll of cine film.  This film contains all the history of man since he first came here to Earth, until the end of our time here.  It would be a fairly large reel of film!

However, it is one reel of film and you could look at frame 1, frame 100, frame 1,000,000, and so on.  All these frames are on this one reel of cine film.

Now, imagine that each frame of film contained a small video.  If you looked at any particular frame you would see a small video of the events that were happening on that frame.  Frame 1 would contain the video of man’s first incarnation here.  Another frame would contain the story of Christ .  Another frame would contain the story of Socrates and so on.  And yet they are all on this one reel of film.

So, to view something you just have to look at the particular frame that interests you.

In a way, Socrates is not actually here now but is on the roll of cine film and I just have to scan back to his particular frame in order to view his life.  You and I are on the film a bit further on than Socrates, but we are there.

If we put the film in a projector and played it, we would see the history of man’s incarnation here unfold on the screen and it would give the illusion of time as the film played but really it is sequence of events.  One frame after another.  All these frames being on the roll of cine film, I could if I wished jump about and look at any frame I chose.  If time existed, I could not do this  I would be stuck in linear time.

I am going to put something in here that I won’t actually discuss right now.  Parallel universes.  This concept plays a role also in explaining how time does not exist but we are all here now.  For now, think of each frame of film as a parallel universe.

It is perhaps not the best example in the world and you must realize that it is just a way of trying to describe time, or rather sequence of events.  So you may need to mull it over and let your mind accept this concept.

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