Tunguska Part 2

You asked us what hit the Earth in 1908 in the area known as Tunguska and we told you that it was a meteorite.

What we told you is the truth.

We also told you that the story about an out of control UFO hitting the site was not true.

However, you did not question us about anything extraneous to that event. Had you done so we would have expanded the information.

There was, indeed, a UFO that was monitoring the progress of the meteorite and making sure that it hit in a remote area to minimize damage.

A certain ray was projected from the UFO, very similar to that used to elevate or descend people, animals or vehicles from Earth into the UFO.

This ray was used to direct the meteorite so as to cause minimum harm as we have stated above.

Now, the idea that there was an advanced facility at the site run by an opposing race of aliens is pure fantasy.

Why the remote viewers saw that is due to the desire to make sense of what they observed psychically.

In fact, there was no building at that place and no group of aliens.

All there was were trees.

Remote viewing is an excellent technique for viewing events but the viewers need to learn to blank their minds and just report the data observed.

Once imagination starts to enter, it clouds the story and makes it a fantasy tale instead of just a report of what occurred.

So, there was a meteorite that entered Earth’s atmosphere and a UFO that guided it using a beam so that it landed in a safe spot.

That is all that happened.

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