The event in Tunguska in 1908 was the result of a piece of asteroid that crashed into the Earth.

Fortunately for humanity, this asteroid fell in an isolated region so, although there was considerable damage to the forest, there was no loss of human life although a number of animals were affected. All life is precious

It has been suggested that the object that hit the Earth was an out of control U F O. This is not the case.

It was quite simply a fairly small meteorite that struck the Earth.

Had the object being bigger, of course, much more damage would have been caused as would have been the case had it struck an inhabited zone.

On the other hand, had it been smaller, it would have burnt up as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

So, although the meteorite heated up and caused some fire damage as it crashed through the trees and undergrowth, it was large enough to resist the destructive effect of passing through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Upon hitting the Earth, it created a large crater but then broke up, so very little evidence of the meteorite remained.

We understand that there was a certain amount of radioactivity involved also but cannot confirm this as instruments to measure radioactivity were crude in 1908.

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