Two Places At Once

Q. Can one be in heaven and on Earth at the same time?

A. The answer is very simple. As we are all one and as that one is existence – God – it follows that we must be everywhere at the same time.
Now, this is because consciousness is the foundation of all existence and consciousness is both universal and everlasting.
Consciousness is the foundation of life and the totality of life. There is only consciousness and it is God (the all that is – existence). We refer to God in the sense of prime creator and not in any religious sense.

As consciousness is all that exists and there is only one consciousness for all things over all time, past, present and future it also follows, with a stretch of the imagination, that you can be anywhere that you can imagine yourself to be. You could, if you desired sufficiently, have more than one body at a time and some masters have demonstrated this.
You could be both on Earth and be in heaven at the same time and, through a rather complicated procedure involving your higher self, oversoul etc., be both in heaven and Earth at the same time.
Further, you may learn to link with the heavenly body and live in the peace and love of heaven while incarnate on Earth.

This process of being incarnate on Earth but linked to the heavenly body is ascension.
It will come to people gradually as they reject their negative aspects, which automatically allows them to contact their higher aspect – the body which is in heaven.
Gradually, the two will join and become one and that person will live in heaven on Earth.
Of course, over time, more and more people will achieve this state until people on Earth will create a heaven on Earth.
It is just a case of removing our negative aspects and replacing them with loving thoughts.

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